Instagraph 3rd Party Instagram App With Upload To Instagram????

Well over at WPcentral Mr. Daniel Rubino  posted the ultimate tease, He is Holding a White Lumia 920 & on its screen shows Instagragh which seems to be another 3rd party Instagram app. The Key here is the picture in the backround which is his Instagram page showing the same thing on his phone screen leaving us to believe he was able to share it from the phone. Not to mention the app itself shows share on instagram on the top as well as it uses Aviary  photo editing to filter the pictures, plus the share envelope on the bottom. The post gives no details in terms of words but as they say a picture is a 1000 words, all the post says is “More Tomorrow”.  That might be the shortest post Daniel ever wrote butI am sure he has many people anxiously waiting for tomorrow. What are your thoughts, is a 3rd party app sufficient? As a WP user are you sick of hearing about Instagram already even though its beneficial for the platform? I personally know the value of  Instagram for the platform but i do have to say this is all getting a little tiring, I personally can’t wait for the day its here so we can then cry about the next big app that isn’t. What are your thoughts??

Instagram Windows PhoneSource: WPcentral

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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