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Liquid Daffodil (@LiquidDaffodil) is a developer for Windows Phone 7&8 which has released a slew of beautiful and unique Windows Phone apps including twitter clients for WP7&8 (@Gleekthis and @Cowlick) as well as other fun and productive apps. Their Windows 8 apps for Twitter clients are also top notch and bring a whole new experience for the already amazing Windows Phone world. Well now their Unification notification center is available for Windows Phone 8 right now and is racking up more and more apps for a customizable and unified notification center. Not all features for Unification are up and running at the moment because there are pending updates coming to Gleek within a week and other apps are pending for certification to use this impressive and helpful new service.

The apps that are already live include:
– Cowlick (for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7)
– fantweestic! (Windows 8)
– flyby! (Windows Phone 8)
– gleek! (Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8)
– Locksider + (Windows Phone 8)
– Super rowi Bros: TweetWerks (Windows 8)

These apps are coming soon and pending certification:
– Disqus (Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8)
– Feed Me (Windows Phone 8)
– giffgaff (Windows Phone 8)
– MaTabletteWindows (Windows Phone 7)
– MeTweets (Windows Phone 8)
– MonWindowsPhone (Windows Phone 7)
– my3 (Windows Phone 8)
– Outsider (Windows Phone 7)
– Ovivo (Windows Phone 8)
– Pepper (Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8)
– Picit (Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8)
– Pinsation (Windows Phone 8)
– Reminder (Windows Phone 8)
– Space Weather (Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8)
– tweetgods (Windows 8)
– West Ham News (Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8)
– World Domination (Windows Phone 7)
– WPCentral (Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8)

Unification is pending certification itself for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7 also at the moment.
There has also been word from Liquid Daffodil that they will support the new Instagram-like app, Photoplay for Windows Phone.
Other bit of news that they will incorporate a SNOOZE feature to temporarily prohibit Toast notifications from coming to you if you so desire. And this feature is coming for ALL of there apps next week with the load of updates coming for Liquid Daffodil’s app family.

Might also want to point out to everyone that ALL of their Windows Phone apps are available for FREE for a limited time:

And their Windows 8 apps are looking to be absolutely FREE soon as well for a total of 24 hours as soon as they show up for no charge in the Windows Store. So keep a look out on what’s about to happen because it’s gonna be HUGE!

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