Gleek! Updated to support “Unification” (Notification Center/Service) on Windows Phone and Windows 8.


glƏƏk!Following a post back in late February over at Windows Phone Central glƏƏk! has been updated no both WIndows Phone and Windows 8 to incorporate Unification – Notification Center. It seems that this is the first step in the public release of the Unification service with the Unification apps due to release in the next week based on the tweet below (posted 12 hours ago):

Liquid Daffodil@LiquidDaffodil 12h

@DKDigitally The Unification apps for all platforms will be going live sometime next week, and all apps are ready! You’ll see! ☻

This is something that the guys over at Liquid Daffodil have been working on for quite a while now.

Screen CaptureThink service rather than application. The basic premise is that the service provides an encrypted, cross-platform notification (toasts and tile updates) service for Windows and Windows Phone, based on the Azure cloud. The service requires app developers to opt in, but will provide a cross platform notifications from apps on Windows Phone 7, 8 and Windows 8.

When the apps release users will be able to download the Unification app across a number of  platforms enabling synchronised notifications across windows devices by authenticating with a Microsoft Account. The plan is to offer a seamless experience.

Once fully up and running this service will fill a sizeable gap in the current Windows and Windows Phone offering, which has been long requested by users. A short while ago Windows Phone Hacker offered a similar service, but it sadly failed the Microsoft approval process, releasing for a day and then disappearing from the store.

We look forward to seeing how well it works and hope that developer adoption has been high.

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