Symbian is dead. OH DO SHUT UP!!


I am a proud owner of a red Nokia 808 PureView, so I knew what I was getting into. The last Symbian phone? Sure, I knew that the day it was announced at MWC last year. But that didn’t stop me splashing out a million dollars to buy one. Actually, the red one was quite hard to procure, but my persistence won in the end!


My sassy red 808 :)
My sassy red 808 🙂


Since then, the 808 PureView (and some of its Belle FP1 and FP2 cohorts) have had some updates thrown their way, even though people imagine the Symbian Department at Nokia to have been converted into Stephen Elop’s XBOX gaming and chilling lounge. Well, even if you don’t think that the department is now full of colourful couches, (with the Symbian logo on the wall being used as an ad-hoc dartboard for Elop’s executives) it still is a little surprising (but hugely heartwarming) to see updates still rolling out of the mill.

Recently we had an update that wasn’t all that grandiose, but was still vital for us power-users. It allowed photos to be shared directly from the Gallery to Twitter, something most phone geeks will cry loudly as a feature that should’ve been there in the first place. Nevertheless, it was a very welcome addition to the Facebook and Flickr options that came with FP2. All tweets sent this way show the client as ‘Nokia Share’. Personally I would like it to include ‘on the 808 PureView’ so I can show off my beloved – and expensive – purchase to the Twittersphere.


Updates keep a-comin'!
Updates keep a-comin’!


More recently, another Gallery and Camera tweak was announced: another (ahem) previously seen feature from Symbian phones of old, this update allows multiple sharing of photos. This means that you can now share more than one photo at a time to Twitter, or via Bluetooth or Email, whereas before, the only thing you could do with more than one photo at a time was delete them. This is hugely welcome for someone like me; I will take a bunch of photos, go to save them on my computer and then have to… reach for the USB lead and do it that way. Now I can select the five shots of the Empire State Building and effortlessly transfer them to my laptop via the magic of Bluetooth. Sweet!

Even more recently (today in fact!) we have heard that Nokia have pushed out another (yes, another!) update called ‘Telephony Update’ as imparted by the wonderful Steve Litchfield over at All About Symbian. There he tells us that it brings ‘quality improvements for telephony services’. I had read that some owners had suffered from problems with their 808 PureViews dropping the 3.5G connection (luckily mine doesn’t appear to be one of those) and perhaps it improves call quality too? Not that anyone has complained about call quality as far as I know, but one can speculate I suppose.


Great stuff - more please!
Great stuff – more please!


My only problem with my 808 PureView is a persistent WiFi problem, whereby after connecting manually to my home router (an Apple Airport Express) it will drop the connection after not being used for a little while and switch to 2G/3G. Luckily I have unlimited data on my mobile plan, but it is annoying all the same. My N9 (and all my other phones) don’t have any problems with WiFi. In fact, my N9 will happily and fully automatically switch from 3G to my WiFi as soon as it senses my WiFi is close by. I am hopeful that Nokia will release another WiFi patch for the 808 PureView to finally fix this little smudge on its otherwise beautiful face.

Thanks then to Nokia (and Accenture?) who still keep the Symbian engine chugging away, and giving us 808 PureView owners even more to be proud of. Cheers! 🙂

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore @LennyBons34 is Owner/Editor- in -Chief of OneTechStop, Sports fan, Tech guy, & Mailman by Day [email protected]

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