Lumia 928: Xenon flash and aluminum body headed to Verizon around the corner!


Verizon’s no doubt a great wireless provider with many die-hard customers sharing their love for “big red”. So far the only Windows Phone 8 options through Verizon’s choices are the HTC 8x and the Nokia Lumia 822. Now for those who side with Nokia and want their high-end Lumia on Verizon instead of the mid-range (though not far from a high-end Lumia, in my opinion) Lumia 822; you’ll have a new option coming this April. Reports have been flying around about the Lumia 920 variant (Codenamed: Laser) that was said to be heading to Verizon and the news seems to be exposed.

The beautiful and stable seamless poly-carbonate body of the Lumia 920 is said to be left behind for this brother of the current flagship Lumia. Aluminum body, along with xenon and LED flash coupled with Nokia’s highly impressive PureView imaging technology will be lacing this new Nokia Lumia. At 10.2 mm and a curved design for the back of the device, the Lumia 928 will be thinner than the 920 and also it’s said it will be lighter as well. This is very impressive to me based on the fact that the 920 is heavier due to its advanced hardware. Also consider that it’s supposed to be squared in design like the newly announced Nokia Lumia 720 with a 4.5 in. OLED display and for the rest of it’s specifications, it should closely if not perfectly resemble the Nokia Lumia 920. I would not be surprised though if the Lumia 928 have a higher Megapixel camera than the Lumia 920 at all though.

Source: TheVerge

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