ProClipUSA Nokia Lumia 920 mobile mounting solution review

A few weeks ago I contacted ProClip USA for a Nokia Lumia 920 device mount review unit.  I was instructed to go to their website and get the configuration.  The reason why is that their vehicle/console mounts are specific to the year and model of your vehicle and your device as well.  Here is a demo from their website about the two step order process.


I drive a Volkwagen Jetta and use the AT&T exclusive Nokia Lumia 920 as my main device.  After entering my vehicle information, I was given three options for the vehicle mount in Step 1.  After selecting the console mount, I was given four options for the device mount.

A few days later a package arrived from ProClip USA with vehicle mount for my VW Jetta and the Nokia Lumia 920 charging holder with tilt swivel and cigarette lighter adapter plug.

Opening Package from ProClipsUSA video:

First Impressions

My first impression of the two ProClip USA products is that it is very solid and the tilt swivel will definitely be a nice feature after using a non swivel tilting device mount for years.  I also enjoy having a cigarette lighter adapter plug with the device mount, because I don’t want to worry about plugging in the Lumia 920 into a microUSB cable after placing the device on the device mount.  I believe the device won’t fall out accidentally of the device mount especially because of themicroUSB pin locks the device to mount.



I only needed a screwdriver to secure the device holder onto the vehicle or console mount and the instructions are easy to follow.  The assembled ProClip USA Lumia 920 mount fit perfectly on my Jetta’s floor console and it took less than a minute to install it and once you like the desired position you use the adhesive tape to secure the console mount.  I chose to place the console mount on the right side of the floor console because it won’t interfere with driving and it is positioned that I can easily use and reach for the Lumia 920.

My cigarette lighter has stopped working second time within a month, I believe the Duracell dual USB car charger (DUX8212) was the culprit.  I didn’t have time to replace the fuse in time for the review.  I plugged it into the cigarette lighter port in the trunk and saw a solid light on the cigarette lighter adapter.  The Lumia 920 was charging without any issue.



I travel 25 miles each way for work and I have been using the ProClip mobile mounting solution for almost a month now and I am glad that I have replaced my universal device holder with it.   Here Drive + Beta easily switches from landscape to portrait and vice versa with just one easy turn on the ProClip device mount.  With my old device holder I could only slip in my device in portrait mode and occasionally needed to take the device from the cradle to use the device while I am waiting for a green right to change destination or look up a route.  I can easily tilt the device mount if when I want to improve the readability or viewing angle of the large impressive Lumia 920 screen.

Unpacking of the ProClip USA VW console and Lumia 920 device mount video:

I recently purchased a protective case for the Lumia 920 and it makes it a little bit bulkier.  Since the Lumia 920 fits perfectly in the device mount, I need to remove the protective cover each time I am placing the mobile phone onto the ProClip USA mobile mounting solution.  There’s a device mount available with an adjustable holder but I don’t believe it is troublesome to take off the protective case each time.

I also like the fact that when I am ready to move onto a different device I could just go to theProClip USA website and order the new device mount.  ProClip USA has a large variety of mounts for tablets, mobile devices and even headrest mounts for worry free entertainment solution with your tablet.

My video review of the ProClip USA Lumia 920 device holder and vehicle console mount:



The vehicle mount is easy to install to the floor console and securing the device mount can be done in no time.  The mounts are well constructed and are made of durable material that will last for years.  Having a cigarette lighter adapter is an added bonus since I can use it to charge my device and it can also charge my backup external battery when I am not charging the device.

I would recommend anyone who is looking to replace or shopping for a device mount for their vehicle to check out ProClip USA’s website.  They have a wide variety of vehicle mounts for almost every vehicle in the market and they constantly update their device mount, table mount stock to keep up with the latest mobile devices. ProClip USA prices are very reasonable especially when their mobile mount solution are customized for your vehicle and device.

 I uploaded a set of pictures on Flickr and can be accessed by clicking the following link   I took a hand full of picture last night so you can go through the gallery and see the ProClip solution in close up.

If you have any questions about the Lumia 920 mobile mounting solution feel free to leave a comment below and we will forward it to Johan van Mierlo.  You could connect with ProClipUSA on twitter to inquire about their products and also get the latest news on their products.

We would like to thank ProClipUSA and Johan for providing us the Nokia Lumia 920 ProClipUSA mobile mounting solution.


Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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