HOW-TO: GPS Coordinate Search in Nokia Drive

Maps GPSOne search capability which has long appeared missing from Nokia Drive on Windows Phone which was available in Drive and Maps for Symbian devices is search by GPS coordinates.

The good news is that this feature has always been available, albeit masked by the fact that it only works in offline search mode and that it works in both Nokia Dive (WP7.5 & WP7.8) and Nokia Drive+ (WP8).

Below is a simple How-To on how it works.

1)     Switch Nokia Drive app to “Offline” mode (Settings –> Connection –> Offline)

wp_ss_20130216_0002     wp_ss_20130216_0004     wp_ss_20130216_0005

2)     Navigate to Search (Set destination –> Search) and enter the GPS coordinates as follows:

N ##.######, E ##.###### (you can also omit the "N" and "E")

wp_ss_20130216_0002     wp_ss_20130216_0006     wp_ss_20130216_0008

3)     Hit "enter" and the location will show on the map.


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  1. I tried it but I eitgher ended up int he middle of the med or somehwere an hour away from my destination. This is what I tried to set 37°23’52.0″N 2°07’30.0″W

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