Did Nokia just drop a sneak of a Lumia Tablet? [picture inside]


We’ve been getting hints here and there and honestly we’re highly anticipating a possible Nokia Lumia Tablet. With the beautiful Lumia Windows Phone series, what would be better than to add a Lumia Tab to the collection and arsenal? Well below we have another piece of *possible* evidence.

At a recent Lumia 620 launch event in Pakistan there was a picture posted by Nokiagadgets of a large screen displaying the Nokia Windows Phone ecosystem of devices. [source: http://nokiagadgets.com/2013/02/12/nokia-lumia-tablet-pictured/]

If you don’t notice the design of the tablet in the middle, I picked up right away that it seems like it has a yellow/goldish trim around it, much like the Nokia Lumia designs we know and love. Here is a zoomed in picture they provided as well so better make it out:



This isn’t for sure proof of it being that it’s kind of hard to make out but you can notice this Windows 8 tablet not only has a yellow trim around it but also does not have the sharper corners of the Lumia 900/920 series.

Tell us what you think below of this everybody!