Nokia’s Ringtone Manager for Windows Phone 7.8

After the announcement from Nokia fan sites across the world that Nokia’s Ringtone Maker and Bluetooth Share apps had released for Windows Phone 7.8Lumia phones we were surprised that when we tried to install them on our UK Nokia Lumia 900 running Windows Phone 7.8 they wouldn’t both install.

The good news was that Bluetooth Share installed without issue, but sadly Ringtone Maker would not.

Whilst we have been impressed with the added functionality of Bluetooth Share, albeit limited to sound and image files, with the inbuilt browser limited to file names and the ability to transfer one file at a time.

After repeatedly trying to install Ringtone Maker over the past few weeks in the hope that things would change, we spoke with a contact within Nokia today and after some internal checks the response is:

The apps are in the process of being published in the Microsoft Store. It can take a couple of days before they are visible, which is why customers are not seeing them yet in the Nokia Collection and why the QR codes are not yet working.

The links we have provided within this article are those that have been reference from other fan site articles. Our experience in the UK is that Bluetooth Share will install, but Ringtone Maker won’t from these links. Please remember that both apps are for Windows Phone 7.8 Lumia phones and although they may install on Windows Phone 7.5 Lumia phones  they will not work.

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