41mp Nokia Windows Phone PureView Device Coming to MWC?


There have been callings for a 41mp Nokia PureView Windows Phone Device since the Symbian powered Nokia 808 came out last year but the Windows Phone software wasn’t ready to handle it.  Than when Nokia announced that the Lumia 920 had “PureView” technology we all expected it.  Instead we got the almost as impressive 8.7mp camera with the OIS technology.  Now if the rumors can be trusted everyone will get their wish very shortly. According to a post from FLavio Pic   you will see a Windows Phone 8 device with the 41mp PureView camera at Mobile World Congress in a little over a month away!

[Exclusive] Nokia to launch project EOS at #MWC13: a Lumia 920 with 41Mpx Pure View camera. Also metal body Lumias.

— Flavio (@flapic) January 22, 2013

This device is rumored to be available at AT&T at launch. While this seems a little soon to me I have to admit I am excited by the possibility of a 41mp  WP8 device.  If this is true the refresh cycle of Nokia products has speed up greatly since Stephen Elop took over.  Anyone out there with a Nokia Lumia 920 thinking about upgrading whenever this Lumia device comes out?



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