My Take on The HTC 8X

I wanted to share my thoughts on the HTC 8x from ATT, being a Nokia WP8 user I wanted to try HTC’s version and give my take.

I want to Thank @ATTNYC for the trial device as well as AT&T as a whole for always being generous to us, with trial devices.

The HTC 8x is a WP8 powered  device, I currently have the 8gb version also comes in a 16gb version.

Build & Design: The 8x is a gorgeously built device the polycarbonate body, the slim design, the beautiful screen, & the with the rubberized feel its hard not to like. I love the thinness of the device, but i have to say the edges feel a bit sharp to me, the lumia 920 although not as light or slim is more comfortable in the hand due to its more rounded feel.

Screen: 1 word its stunning, 4.3″ of pure crispness, everything looks good on this screen and although its 4.3 its feels a lot smaller than my Lumia 900, definitely not as wide.

OS: The HTC 8X runs WP8, which to me is fresh new and exciting, there are tons of reviews out there highlighting pluses and minuses of the OS & to me personally its user preference, I am not a instagram guy so i can care less about it, but there are tons that love it so again personal preference. You wont get the plethora of apps found on iOS, or Android but there are plenty for the average consumer to get them by.

Camera: The camera is a good, you can get some great shots from the HTC 8x , I took a few pics as well as some head to head with the Lumia 920, you be the judge. I would say the camera performs pretty well overall.

Daytime Pics


 Lowlight Pics 

As you can see in Lowlight there isn’t much competition between the 2, the 920 is much better.


Music: The HTC 8x comes with Beats audio built in, that automatically gets turned on when you connect a wired headset & with a wired headset connected you have the option of turning it off. The music quality on the HTC 8X was excellent to me, very loud and music sounded full with both highs & lows.

1 thing I did find interesting was that when connected to a Bluetooth headset, there is no option to turn on the Beats audio & when you unplug the wired headset there is no option to turn it on either,¬†you need a wired headset to control it¬†& for me that’s a bummer. I am a huge Stereo Bluetooth headset guy.

The HTC 8X did connect to my JBL Power up speakers, but not with the NFC tap.  I had to pair through Bluetooth tapping on the JBL does not connect the 8X like it does with my Lumia 920.





Conclusion: The HTC 8x is a very nice device, has a great build, nice rubberized feel,  very slim & pocketable, excellent screen, beats audio.

I can’t say that I would recommend it over a Nokia WP8 device due to the fact that the Nokia Apps completes the WP8 experience for me, you get Nokia Drive full free voice navigation, Nokia Maps app, Nokia Transit, Nokia’s Espn app,¬†Nokia City lens¬†App, Nokia Transit,& Nokia cinemagraph¬†ect…. If you are fine without them then by all means the HTC 8x is a great choice for¬† WP8 device.

You can pick up the HTC 8x 8gb version for $99 on contract here.



Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore @LennyBons34 is Owner/Editor- in -Chief of OneTechStop, Sports fan, Tech guy, & Mailman by Day [email protected]

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