Notification Center comes to WP7

NotificationsThose of you that follow Windows Phone Hacker site you will be aware that one of their latest projects has been to develop a Notification Centre to fill the shortfall in the current Windows Phone 7.5 offering. The nice thing about this project is that it is now available to all Windows Phone 7.5/7.8 device owners without the need for Developer unblock or Interop Unlock privileges. As of 28th December the Notifications app is now available for download from the WindowsPhone Store for a small fee of £2.29 ($2.99).

The premise of the app is that the standard functionality in Windows Phone 7.5/7.8 supports push notification in the form of toast (pup-up) messages and active tile updates. The problems that many users encounter with the toasts is that they only appear for a short period of time. Installing and setting up Notifications provides a record of all push notifications which can be tapped on to open the apps which pushed them originally. You can find out more about push notifications in Windows Phone 7.5/7.8 at

imageTo set the app up you need to install a little app on your PC and then follow the in app instructions. If the app doesn’t work and you receive the “uh oh” message push notifications are not working on you phone. To r-enable push notifications try opening settings on your phone, scrolling down to Battery Saver and deactivate “Turn on Battery Saver now, until the next charge.” and re-select it again as this resets push services. If you see the “Setup” message in the app you need to connect you phone to your PC and run the PC based server application as Notifications is not tethered.

Based on the developer’s post on the release of Notifications at the Windows Store there is more to come in future and we look forward to seeing the app functionality expand. As a Notification Centre is one of the Symbian capabilities missed by those switching to Windows Phone from older Nokia devices.

Our advice is to give Notifications a try. We have and we like it.

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