30 Rock Nokia Wrap Party aka (Wrap Party > Lemon Party)

30 Rock Nokia Wrap Part

30 Rock first aired October 11, 2006 and has won numerous of Prime Time Emmy Awards for Outstanding Comedy Series. Last Thursday, Nokia sponsored the 30 Rock Nokia wrap party to celebrate the taping of the final episode of this successful comedy.  My wife & I were invited to this event which was held at the Capitale in Manhattan, right outside of Chinatown and Little Italy.  Once we walked inside the lobby, we saw a blue carpet (Nokia blue) instead of the traditional red carpet.

Jack McBrayer. who portrays the always funny Kenneth Parcell, was already on the blue carpet chatting with the journalists from Extra, and Huffington Post.  Jane Krakowski (Jenna Maroney) even greeted me before heading over to the meet the journalist for some photo opportunity.  I noticed a handful of people were using the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 to take videos and pictures of the 30 Rock cast on the blue carpet.

My wife and I decided to check out the ball room where warm food, drinks were served and a live band was playing Christmas and pop songs. ¬†There is an area next to the buffet where people could get their picture in Jack Donaghy’s office on a Lumia 920. ¬†I was given the famous Kenneth Parcell blue jacket, a bow tie and a pair of Frank Rossitano¬†glasses and cap.


We took a few pictures of the 30 Rock’s leading stars Tina Fey, who plays Liz Lemon and also the hit series creator and Alec Baldwin¬†(Jack Donaghy) after they wrapped up posing with the crew for the media. ¬†Funny man, Tracy Morgan (Tracy Jordan)¬†arrived late and my wife took a picture of him entering the ball room. Soon after that, we decided to head home since it is a 2 hour ride back to South Jersey.

Lumia 810 & Lumia 820

Nokia sent me an AT&T exclusive Lumia 820 to capture pictures from this star studded.  I also brought the T-Mobile Lumia 810 review unit for comparison.  I noticed that the battery life on both devices are very good, I have been using both devices since my arrival in Manhattan from South Jersey.  The Lumia 810 has a slightly larger (1800 mAh) battery than the Lumia 822 (1650 mAh).  The Lumia 820 is slightly smaller than the Lumia 810 and has curved edges while the 810 is rectangular shape.  Unlike the Lumia 920, both devices do not have built in wireless charging and you could buy the Qi compatible wireless charging shell from your mobile carrier and they cost around $25.


Both devices have a ¬†4.3″ display, 8 MP Carl Zeiss Tessar¬†lens main camera but the Lumia 810 (1280×960 pixels) has a better front facing camera (FFC) than the Lumia 820 (640×480 pixels). ¬†I haven’t had a chance to take any comparison FFC pics yet. ¬†You can download Nokia exclusive apps like¬†Panorama, Cinemagraph, Smartshoot¬†for both devices.

I have posted the pictures I took of my day in NYC on Flickr, click on this link for the Lumia 810 photo set or here for the Lumia 820 photo set.

I would like to thank the Nokia US folks for inviting Lenny and me to this awesome event.  I hope you enjoyed this article and the pictures I took of Manhattan and the 30 Rock Nokia wrap party.  Feel free to leave a comment, feedback below.

Nokia Innovation will be giving away an amazing prize provided by AT&T to one of our followers. Check back after Christmas for details how to enter our sweepstakes and win this prize.  Have Merry Christmas, and happy holidays to you and thank you for your support.

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