Camera Pro: Arguably the best Camera app from Symbian arrives on WP8


Being a long time Symbian user before getting our first Nokia Lumia devices there were certain Symbian apps we wished  were available in the Windows Phone Store. One of these is Camera Pro which was, and still is arguably the best Camera app for Symbian, based to a degree on it versatility and expansion  on the OEM features provided on device.

The good news it has arrived in the Windows Phone Store, for WP8 devices, with a measly price tag of £1.99. For this you get the following features and more:

  • Fast access to camera features
  • Support for manual focus distances*
  • Auto-, Macro-, Touch focus*
  • Manual exposure times*
  • Exposure locking*
  • ISO up to 3200*
  • Enable disable focus assistant light*
  • Disable shutter sound*
  • Custom image filenames
  • Front and back camera support*
  • Overlays including virtual horizon/level meter*, compass*, grid
  • Camera modes: normal, timer, burst, time-lapse, anti-shake, bracketing
  • WP 8 Lens integration
  • Upload to Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Twitter from within the app.

Some users should note that the asterisked features may vary between devices.

Video mode is not currently activated as restrictions enforced by the WP8 platform stop apps from writing to the public video folder, meaning that captured videos cannot be accessed. We have been advised by the developer that this should be a short-term issue with this feature being enabled at a later date as he is working together with Nokia to find a solution.

Our opinion is that it CameraPro is well worth the money. Our only disappointment is that there isn’t a version for WP7 with the same level of functionality, but that is firmly down to the OS and not the App developer.

Some example screen shots can be seen below.

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