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I received two of the hottest wireless charging products (Qi enabled) by Nokia for trial by good folks from AT&T and Nokia Connects.  Nokia has some great looking and colorful wireless charging accessories like the wireless charging plate (DT 900), Fatboy charging pillow (DT 901), wireless charging stand with NFC and the JBL Power Up speakers with NFC.  Head over to to see all the wireless charging accessories.  I enjoy using a wireless charger to charge my yellow Nokia Lumia 920 and have already tried four different wireless chargers.  DT 900 and DT901 are very colorful and would definitely fit in any place of your room or the desk in your office.  The 900 is slightly smaller than the Lumia 920 or Lumia 820 and because of this I prefer the Fatboy charging pillow over the charging plate. The Fatboy pillow has a standard charging plate inside of it and is secured by velcro. Your device would lay comfortably on it and you would not worry that it would slide off if you bump it accidentally.

Here are some pics I took of the DT900 and DT901 with the Lumia 920.

Lumia 920 charging on the Fatboy

wireless charging plate & Lumia 920

wireless charging light shining through the Fatboy charging pillow

Fatboy disassembled & Lumia 920

I own the Energizer dual Induction Charging plate and prefer it over the wireless charging plate and Fatboy charging pillow.  The reason is that the Energizer charging plate has a larger surface to charge 2 devices.  There is even a USB port if you want to use the traditional way to charge your device.

Below are the two vids I took of the DT900 and the DT901:

Wireless charging plate (DT 900)

Fatboy charging pillow (DT 901 & DT 900)

You can purchase the wireless charging plate from your local AT&T Store or on the AT&T website.

yellow lumiaAT&T has a free wireless charging plate (DT 900) promotion when you purchase on Lumia 920 on contract.  If you have a Nokia 820, you could also use your device with the DT 900 or the Fatboy, but you need to purchase a wireless charging cover.  Wireless charging covers are also available for other mobile carriers and please contact them for the availability.  The price range for these wireless charging accessories range from $25-$299.





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Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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