The Lumia 810 gets a more sensitive screen!

It’s a 1mb update


I have just received an update from Nokia for the Lumia 810 which now allows me to use the screen wearing gloves! It’s called Display + Touch and is a 1MB download. Now, I have just purchased some gloves with the touchscreen-friendly finger tips, and I put them to the test only yesterday with the Lumia 810, and they worked just great. But when I tried using the pinkie finger (without the special pad at the end) nothing happened. I thought, oh well, must be just the 920 that gets the special super-sensitive screen. Well no longer! 🙂 I’ve just tried the same exact experiment, and it worked!

This is a truly awesome update. I am assuming all other Lumias running WP8 will also get this update.

Thanks, Nokia!

UPDATE: I’ve tried interacting with the screen with (screen-friendly!) objects as in those funny 920 YouTube videos, but to no avail. Still, being able to use it wearing non-touchscreen gloves is a big bonus. I guess the crazy-sensitive screen still belongs to the Lumia 920!