Nokia Drive Commute arrives in the UK

Nokia-Drive-3.0-300x300Today we are happy to announce that the long awaited “My Commute” functionality has finally kicked into operation in the UK and the good news is that no application update is required.

This functionality has been available in the US for a while now and has been gradually rolled out to other countries in Europe.

When you open Nokia Drive on Windows Phone from today onwards you should be welcomed with an initial “My Commute” introduction and quick set-up screen, following which you will be able to log commutes as well as destinations.

Previously, Drive only offered destination saving, but now the app records your route turning common routes into “Commutes and saving them under the” My Commute” menu. Nokia Drive is then able to advise you of the best time to hit the road and advise you the duration and estimated time of arrival for “Commute” based on your preferred route rather than dictating your route. As you use it more it will also advise on alternative predicted shorter or faster options along your route as well.

“Commute” can also be pinned to the Start Screen as smart tiles which is a nice touch.

Hopefully the online Favourites support provided in the Symbian version of the app will follow next.

Thanks Nokia Maps and Drive team.

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