Lumia 920 joining the cyan gang

Cyan, cyan, cyan. Whatever happened to the word, ‘blue’. Well if you own a Nokia N9, Lumia 800, or 900, you will know that ‘blue’ isn’t in the vocabulary book in Nokia HQ. (Evidently neither is ‘pink’ as they insist on ‘magenta’.) Actually these two colours for the gorgeous 'Fabula' polycarbonate shell were thoroughly researched (apparently) by the Nokia N9 design team; they ditched hundreds of other shades until they finally settled on the trio of classic black, magenta and cyan. Black I get, because it goes with everything and most phones are either grey, dark grey or black. Magenta? Well, there has to be one for the ladies. But cyan? Yes. And it’s perfect.

The original colours when the N9 launched

Nokia have just let loose their newest and shiniest Lumias into the wild, the 820 and the 920, and initially they were shown off at launch in either glossy red or even glossier yellow. We were informed that there would be grey, white and black iterations as well, in due time. As a proud owner of a cyan N9, I couldn’t help but think, ‘Wait, no cyan this time? Are you nuts?!’

For a while, other Nokia fans were tweeting similar worries, but then news eventually eked out that Nokia had decided to take the less nutty route, meaning you’ll soon be able to purchase your much-lusted-after Lumia 920 in matte cyan. Yay! You can also buy a cyan backplate for the 820 if your budget is a little tighter.

The cyan (phew!) Lumia 920

But why is there such a fascination with this particular colour choice? Well my N9 certainly turned a lot of heads during the past eleven months, and has received the gaze of many an intrigued eyeball. It’s a fantastic colour for a phone; it’s vibrant cool and different, without being garish and déclassé (I’m looking at you, purple HTC 8X!)

The Lumia 900 continued the cyan trend

I also think it’s become something of a branding identity that Nokia have managed to foist on themselves. When I saw ads for the N9 (there weren’t many!), the Lumia 800 and 900, they were nearly always bragging about a cyan device. Perhaps this generation of smartphone consumers, (y’know the ones who had assumed Nokia had died a long time ago with Snake and enormous antennas), are making a subconscious connection between Nokia and cyan-coloured phones.

The first Lumia, the 800

Really? Well, I don’t know. But I can tell you that I’ve been often asked if my N9 is “the new Lumia/Nokia?” There must be something magical in that colour those N9 designers picked out in 2011, because Nokia can’t seem to get away with releasing a new phone now without offering cyan as a colour.

Fine with me. 


The original cyan work of art, the N9

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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