Nokia Lumia 920, Is It Being Treated As An Exclusive Device????


I was on Twitter earlier today & there was a discussion going on regarding The Nokia Lumia920, AT&T, & The Microsoft Store regarding who would be best suited or most informed to sell the product. I personally have to say it wouldn't matter who sells the product but how well trained and informed the staff is in the product & how they pitch it to the consumer. There have been a few post i seen where people were being told told they can't buy the phone outright, Mark Guim of  TheNokiaBlog had this issue.

Below is a picture of a EE store in the UK displaying the Lumia920 in the furthest corner of the store, mind you they have the exclusivity to the device, you would think Blackberry just released a device.


We here at NokiaInnovation want to know your experiences with your purchase of the Lumia920, whether it was in store, online, was the staff pushing the product, how was it displayed, what could have been done better, were they knowledgable about the product & most importantly your thoughts and suggestions. This isn't limited to the U.S. its for everyone.

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