British Telecom Acknowledge Windows Phone

BT Wi-fiWe are happy to announce that British Telecom have released a long anticipated app providing location of your closest BT WiFi hotspots on a map and quick access for when you get there.

First observations are that the app could do with a dark theme as well as the default white background as many of use have dark Windows Phones, but there are many apps for which the same observation can be made.

The statement from BT is:

We’re delighted to introduce the BT Wi-fi app for Windows. If you’re a BT Broadband customer with free and unlimited BT Wi-fi, then this app has been designed for you. Download it to get online, game, connect or work at the UK’s largest wi-fi network of 4.5 million hotspots.

When in range of a hotspot, choose ‘BT Wi-fi’ in your device settings, open the app and log-in with your BT Broadband email address and password. The BT Wi-fi app will connect to a hotspot whenever you’re in range.


-    Internet access at 4.5 million BT Wi-fi hotspots:
-    Save on 3G data bills
-    Fast log in process
-    Mapping tool to find your nearest BT Wi-fi hotspot
-    Quick mapping speeds
-    Easy user interface
-    Help video

We haven’t had the chance to test the BT WiFi app as yet, but this indicates a big step in the right direction. The app states that you have to have a BT Wifi account and requests that you enter your BT e-mail and password.

We don’t have a BT WiFi account ourselves, but intent to test if third party access is provided to BT Partners e-mail addresses like those of Vodafone customers with BT Openzone included .

The BT WiFi app does seem to offer a map showing all BT WiFi hotspot locations even if you don’t have a BT WiFi account.

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When we’ve tested if our Vodafone account is usable with the BT WiFi app to connect to a local BT Openzone hotspot we’ll update the post, but for now it is another big company coming on board, developing a useful Windows Phone app.

Let us know your experiences if you have use the app.

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