Verizon exclusive Nokia Lumia 822 announced




Just in time for the Windows Phone 8 event in San Francisco, Nokia and Verizon Wireless announce the availability of the Lumia 822.  Lumia 822 will be exclusive to Verizon Wireless and will have a 8 MP Carl Zeiss camera, a '1.2 MP HD front facing camera for crystal clear video calls'.  Apps like Nokia Drive+, Music, Creative studios, Panorama will bring exclusivity for Nokia Windows Phone users.  There will also be a range of changeable covers, including a wireless charging cover available at launch.  You will need to get a Qi induction wireless charging pad for the wireless charging feature.  You can learn more about Nokia accessories for the Lumia 822 including wireless charging products here.

This also marks the first time that Verizon Wireless will be carrying a Nokia Lumia product and it will be 4G/LTE ready. Click on this link for more information regarding this announcement.  Nokia Innovation's own Izzy will be covering the Windows Phone 8 event in SF today and you can follow him on twitter if you haven't done so.