Nokia Innovation has just received this image and is being told this will be 1 of the new features to be  Announced by Microsoft on Monday. Live lockscreen wallpaper, I don't have all the schematics on how it works but apparently your lockscreen will now be live.

The 3 images show a live bing wallpaper, a live sports update and live news updates.

I cannot confirm if this is 3rd app specific stuff or it is built in to WP8 (most likely). but this is really amazing. Check out the image below & what are your thoughts???

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  1. […] By on Oct 29, 2012 with Comments 0 Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore and the other guys in charge with Windows Phone development promised more new features to be unveiled at the event today than what was already revealed in the summer. While it’s anyone’s guess what these new features might be, one of them is making the rumor rounds, and it sounds pretty bomb – the lock screen might be able to function as a live wallpaper. The image you see below has been sent as an example of this new functionality, which apparently will take some of the default apps, or there live tiles, to be precise, on the lock screen. We are seeing the Bing search changing wallpapers as an option, as well as the Sports and News apps getting front and center, with what appears to be live updates directly on your lock screen. In any case, the event is just a few hours away, so we should know more come 10am Pacific, and we’ll be liveblogging the festivities for your viewing pleasure. via NokiaInnovation […]

  2. […] Información: Nokia Innovation […]

  3. […] Información: Nokia Innovation […]

  4. […] Información: Nokia Innovation […]

  5. […] We are not sure if 3rd part apps can hook in to it and show data from our apps, if it does that would be amazing. Perhaps its limited to core apps like weather , news , etc taken off bing and we have limited customization options as to what can be shown on the live wallpaper. If its not a rumor will it be available for Windows Phone 7.8 ? It wont be long before we get to know for sure via nokiainnovation.com […]

  6. […] На NokiaInnovation сегодня была опубликована картинка, показывающая эту функцию в действии. Как можно видеть, сервис Bing изменить ежедневную домашнюю страницу локскрина Windows Phone, в то время как служба ESPN будет периодически обновлять изображения.  […]

  7. […] 上方的圖片, 由 Nokia Innovation 釋出, 展示的幾張動態鎖屏背景圖片: 分別是 Bing, ESPN 和 USA Today. 首先 Bing 的背景圖每天會自動更換, ESPN 會展示你最喜愛隊伍的最新分數, 而 USA Today 透過圖片傳達重要新聞. 任何開發者都可以把這類的功能加到應用程式中. 更甚者, 可以根據所在地區, 時間和更新推送, 讓 Windows Phone 使用者有更獨特及強大的鎖屏資訊體驗. […]

  8. […] Estamos a poucos dias do grande lançamento do Windows Phone 8, e parece que um recurso previamente anunciada foi revelado. Nokia Inovação postou uma imagem do que é descrito como um recurso de tela de bloqueio “Live Wallpaper” para o Windows Phone 8. Parece mostrar papéis de parede que são automaticamente actualizados com informações ao vivo a partir de aplicativos nativos e de terceiros para a tela de bloqueio do Windows Phone. Hoje Bing, ESPN, e outros parecem apoiar o recurso, com notícias actuais a serem exibidas no ecrã bloqueado. Infelizmente não há muitos detalhes sobre exactamente como funciona este recurso no Windows Phone 8. A Microsoft estará a realizar um evento em San Francisco na segunda-feira, onde a empresa irá detalhar todos os novos recursos do Windows Phone 8.   Fonte: Nokia Innovation […]

  9. […] sito web Nokia Innovation ecco arrivare un immagine che confermerebbe una nuova funzionalità di Windows Phone 8 di cui vi […]

  10. […] خبرهایی که NokiaInnovation منتشر کرده، ویندوز فون ۸ از پس زمینه های زنده پشتیبانی […]

  11. […] Just days away from Microsoft highly-anticipated big reveal of Windows Phone 8 and another potential blockbuster feature has leaked out via Nokia Innovations blog. […]

  12. […] of Windows Phone 8, and it appears that a previously unannounced feature has been revealed. Nokia Innovation has posted an image of what is described as a Live Wallpaper lock screen feature for Windows Phone 8. It […]

  13. I think you’re reading too much into this. Don’t get me wrong, I’m certain this will be availiable on wp8. Though, this isn’t exactely news.
    We know for a fact, that apps can change the lockscreen background for a while now. For this to happen, the app has to have a background task running, which will change the picture. While it’s doing that, it can always just paint some Information on the image and then change the lockscreen wallpaper.
    The real news here imho is that there will be a new layout for the date & time.

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