Lumia 920 does well in pre-orders in France, Italy

The past few weeks have been quite boring, most of us just sit and wait for Oct. 29th to get here.
there really isn't any news to go about except for the fact that European consumers are really looking forward to the launch of the Lumia 920.

On (a French phone online retailer), the Lumia 920 is #1 on its top50 mobile phones, you are probably wondering how this is possible especially since the phone isn't even out yet, well it's on pre-order, and based on that alone it is ranked #1, even beating the iPhone5, there is a lot of enthusiasm for the 920 and it's being translated into the high numbers of pre-orders placed.

Also on an Italian online retailer (NStore), the Lumia 920 is also sold out (again this is based on pre-orders), you placed a reservation by making a 99euro deposit, and a lot of pre-orders were made that the store ran out of stock, I want to assume they are ordering more as I type.

It's always good news to hear about this sort of thing, for me however I just want the phones to be out already, it's funny because this time, it isn't even Nokia's fault, everyone is waiting for Microsoft to officially launch the WP8 on Oct. 29th, and it better be worth this delay,  it would be a real buzz kill if they don't wow us after letting us wait this long

Source: WPCentral

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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