Real live shots of the Verizon Nokia Lumia 822 emerge!

Just a day after we saw the leaked press photo of the Lumia 822, we get to see real life shots of the device and looking at it, I knida feel sorry for Nokia fans on Verizon, honestly you guys should make the switch to At&t and get the Lumia 920.
I don't know exactly what it is with the 822 that I don't like, it just feels too simple and cheap IMHO.
The front looks similar to the 610 and the back is just… the back!

I don't know why Nokia didn't try hard in making this device a beauty, but then again it is a mid range phone.
I will be waiting to see what unique feature this 822 will have against its cousins, the 820 and 810.
But as it is, the HTC 8X will be an easy choice for Verizon customers to pick when looking for a WP8 phone, so here is to hoping there are "more than meets the eye" stuff we haven't seen.
Still no official announcement from Nokia or Verizon regarding this device.

Source: WMPU


Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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