Photo Leaked: Nokia Lumia 8xx for Verizon (aka Nokia Atlas)



Here is a photo (leaked by @evleaks) of the Nokia Lumia 8xx which is a CDMA Verizon WP8 phone that will be available on the Verizon network.
It will be a variant of the Nokia Lumia 820.
We already saw the Lumia 810 (exclusive to T-Mobile) get announced yesterday, with slight differences to the original 820.
Many are still hoping Verizon will also carry the coveted Lumia 920. But Sad news Verizon Nokia fans, this is all you will be getting. You will have to switch to At&t to enjoy the perks of the Lumia 920.

Judging from the timing of this leak, we are expecting Verizon to make it official real soon.