Facebook Viewer by Camb0 for Windows Phone Video App Review


I have been using this App for the past two week now and all I can say is Its a good app and totally have the potential to be the best app.. Its a new App and so as a new app it has some minor flaws and hiccups, but the hiccups are actually not that serious that would make you leave the app and not use it again at least for my experience. In my opinion this app is on a great course to success. I can almost see it as the famous Social Media app on Symbian called Gravity by Jan Ole when it started.

I am very meticulous on my Facebook App.. This is how I rate my Facebook App from Best to Worst.

  • Facebook for iOS is definitely the best
  • Facebook for Android feels and looks like a bootleg version of the iOS
  • Facbook for Windows Phone is the worst In my opinion. Has the potential but never gets updated. I don't even remember this app ever having a overhaul update.

Maybe that's the reason a Facebook Viewer by Camb0 exist.

Anyways.. Here is my quick Video Review of the App.

Hope you enjoyed my video.. Let me know what you think… Let me know what you think I did not cover or would want more insight.

Here are Future Request Update I would like for this app to have. Which are some are already acknowledge by the Dev and probably working on them for future updates.

  • Notifications
  • Back Button
  • Built in Chat to the app. ( I know Windows Phone has the best Facebook Chat Intergration on Messaging.)

I guess that's all I can think of for now.. Please let us know if you want to add more and I will make a list and send it to the Dev.

This App is Available on your Windows Phone Marketplace.

Lenny Bonsignore
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