Microsoft’s own WP8 Phone and S.Elop’s reaction.

News (or should I say Rumors) have been spreading like wildfire that Microsoft is planning on releasing its own branded Windows Phone 8 Phone probably sometime next year, 2013.
Just like Google did with its Google Nexus.
I am writing this article with the full assumption that this is 100% true.
I think Microsoft is getting too excited and ahead of themselves on this one, I mean, has the WP8 platform gotten to that level where consumers want to see a Microsoft branded WP? gimme a break, the only people who use WP right now are a subset of the 90,000 Microsoft employees, maybe like 50% of them and those who use WP today that aren't Microsoft employees are dedicated Nokia fans (that's why Finland was the first country to overtake RIM in smartphone market share).
This is obviously not good for Nokia as it brings more competition to the already small minute ecosystem that is WP.
taking me back to what i said earlier this year, when I said the only way Nokia should go to bed with Microsoft is if they got exclusive rights to WP, well that is not the case and as it turns out, HTC is going to take a huge bite of that apple with their Nokia look-a-likes.

AllthingsD have a chance very recently to sit down with Nokia CEO, S. Elop to talk about what's happening.
First he was asked about his thoughts on how badly the 1st generation Lumia phones did,
He said: “I’ve said this at our results.., in getting the first Lumia devices out there, I would have liked to have done better,” also adding that WP7.5 was already set in stone by the time Nokia made its partnership with Microsoft so there was nothing they could do to stand out.
Now this is where I will rudely butt in for a moment.
Dear Mr. Elop there's absolutely nothing Nokia could have done better when it came to WP7.5, I said it before and I will day it again, WP7 and 7.5 are the crappiest mobile OS till date, just how crappy? Symbian is 100 times better than WP, WP is so crappy it had less than 7000 apps in its store and quite frankly it still would have if not that Nokia joined in.
The only thing Nokia would have done correctly last year was NOT release a WP7 phone, it was that simple really, wasted so much money on an OS that couldn't even multitask, had 1 volume control, no ecosystem nor did it have smart dialing.
It was simple, focus your resources on WP8 and put out a decent flagship instead they wasted money on Lumia 800 710 and 900 and now you wish it had done better?
News Flash the only reason Nokia sold more than a million Lumia phones was because of the Hardware, everyone who bought them (including myself) were willing to compromise on the software just so we could use quality hardware. Rant over!
Hopefully, WP8 will be different, most likely.

Next, Elop was asked about the rumor on Microsoft working on their own WP phone, though I would have advised Elop to "plead the 5th" on this question but he chose to say this “I have no indications they are planning to do their own phone,” Elop said. “They can do it if they so choose.”.
I like the last part: "They can do it if they so choose.”, you see what he did there? diplomatic response.

things aren't looking good for this love affair between Nokia and Microsoft, rumor has it Microsoft isn't happy with the whole Lumia branding thing and the emphasis Nokia is putting on it, and now  with Microsoft already calling HTC's 8X and 8S their signature phones (wait, I thought that was supposed to be Nokia's title) oh and they have already replaced Lumia 920 on their homepage with HTC's 8X (though this probably doesn't mean anything).

These are the risks you have to take when you ditch your own children and adopt an orphan (have you seen that movie "the orphan"). It doesn't end well.

You can read excerpts from the interviews HERE


Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore @LennyBons34 is Owner/Editor- in -Chief of OneTechStop, Sports fan, Tech guy, & Mailman by Day [email protected]

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  1. Left Symbian and MeeGo for an extremely limited OS. It appalls me to think how people can live with a limited OS like WP7. But I guess that’s the way of the world right now. Seriously hope WP8 has some great new features yet to be unveiled, though it seems unlikely. >.>
    And I hope Nokia fanboys don’t use WP7 just because Nokia is using the OS, that’s like utterly stupid and blind religious faith.

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