Nokia Lumia 900 Gets a little update

Yesterday we noted that over here in blighty our Nokia Lumia 900 was showing an available update.


Once we got to a computer and hooked up Microsoft’s Zune software we found that the update was a Nokia only update taking the firmware from 12201 to 12301.

A quick trip to the Nokia UK’s support page identified that the update brings the following:

  • Enhanced camera performance, including launching the camera while the phone is locked, better white balance and backlight exposure performance, and improved autofocus in close-up mode
  • Several photos and voice clips can be attached to multimedia messages
  • Enhancements to charging and start-up when battery has completely drained
  • Usability and performance improvements

For those not seeing the update showing up for their phones, Nokia do state “The availability of this update may depend on your network service provider.”


Post update, we can say that our Nokia Lumia 900 camera can now be started whilst the screen is locked by long pressing the camera button and the white balance is peformance is greatly improved. 

Attaching multiple images or voice clips to MMS works fine also.

The only thing we have not yet had chance to test is post update charging and start-up after full battery drain.

Straight after updating, the phone’s speed of response and screen colour and clarity seemed improved, but this could have been just post update placebo effect.

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