1st Iphone5 vs Lumia920 Lowlight Pic Compared



In a 1st of many comparisons between probably the 2 most talked about devices this Holiday season, the Iphone5 and the Lumia 920 we finally get to see the 1st lowlight shot compared. Both these devices are being touted as having amazing lowlight capabilities & from most reviews I have seen on the Iphone 5 its the camera to beat.

Kristina Bjorknas from Nokia are conducting, lowlight comparison shots on behalf of Nokia at Photokina, I was a witness to this at the Nokia NYC Event & had the Nokia Pureview 808 smoked by the Lumia 920.

Below are the results of the shootout and I really can't wait to see these 2 devices pitted head to head in all catergories.




Right now it looks like the Lumia920 has it beat, but we all want to see more photos in all situations to determine which camera truly is better. What are your thoughts.