Awesome Specs Sheet: lumia 920 vs. Apple iPhone5 (by Krisitian Tuomikumpu)

Here is a really nice Specs Sheet comparison between the Innovative Nokia Lumia 920 and the mediorce Apple iPhone5.

As you can see, the Lumia 920 does quite a number on the iPhone5, a bigger 4.5inch screen, dual LED flash, a bigger cloud ctorage, PureView camera with Carl Zeiss lens, super sensitive synaptics touch screen, a bigger battery, array of exclusive and very useful Nokia Apps, wireless charging and more, much more.

If you are wondering when this awesome Lumia 920 will be available,Ā rumorĀ has it that it is scheduled for release theĀ last week ofĀ October, first week of November,Ā 

See the really neat Specs Sheet as designed by Kristian Tuomikumpu..



Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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  1. A single point that dwarfs all other points and makes iPhone 5 win is the iOS ecosystem. WP7’s ecosystem is poor compared to both iOS and Android, and WP8 needs to show what its capable of before it can go head to head. iOS lovers love the ecosystem, which they don’t want to leave.
    Currently the only stuff WP8 has shown is customizable tiles, and Lumia 920’s awesome camera, great display and wireless charging and a few nice apps. Not enough to sway iOS lovers.
    Come on Microsoft, I’m an Android lover but I want to see what all features WP8 has. Announce them soon please!

    • “Unproven” is a terrible way to describe it…it has been well proven, hence the whole ‘Smoked By Windows Phone’ ….. something like 95% of all other mobiles were beaten.

      No OS is perfect, Windows Mobile certainly was flawed but WP7.5 7.8 and 8 are like what iOS is to S40

      Try a Lumia for a month if you can…you wont go back to slow clunky Android again or boring iOS

      I have them all, so while its just my opinion its qualified

      • I tried WP7.5 for a month (with the Samsung Omnia W). And oh boy, compared to Android it’s so damn limited. I mean, Wi-Fi turns off when screen goes off, making me use mobile data and wasting battery life and bandwidth (on 3G/HSPA), not many HD games (thanks to the old hardware), apps were slow to load (again due to the old hardware).
        But yeah, many positives like the smoothness (but offset by many apps that take time to load), nice integration of social stuff, etc. It’s the reason I’m interested in WP8. The new hardware etc will change things drastically. Now if only WP8 features get fully announced soon.

        P.S: Still gonna use my Galaxy Nexus as primary, cos the freedom in Android is just amazing, but that’s just me, not everyone needs that.

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