I’m Furious and Baffled: How does Apple do it? every single year!



If you haven’t heard that the new iPhone 5 is here, then it’s either you are living under a rock, a die hard Android fan, a diehard Symbian Fan or you just dont give a hoot!

Sadly, I heard, I saw and I am baffled!

How the [email protected]#K does Apple do it? how do they keep bringing out successive phones to the previous ones that have features that really could have been in the very first iPhone to begin with.

And when they do, their Zombie iPhone users are in awe every [email protected]#$KING time, forgive my language but I am pissed, just check out what I saw on my facebook timeline shortly after the iPhone 5 was unveiled…


This is real life, this is a friend of mine, an actual iPhone user, this is his reaction to the iPhone 5… it makes other phones look MEDIOCRE!! Are you F#$%KING kidding me? Really?!! REALLY?!! Have you heard of the N900? N9? 808? Lumia 920? or even the N95? WOW!


Seriously, someone should tell me, how does Apple do it, how do they keep “WOWING” us with outdated features every single year and then go on to sell Billions of phones in a short time.

While Nokia comes out with innovative stuff year in, year out but yet we cannot sell more than a couple million phones.


I have always loved Steve Jobs (God rest his soul), that dude was a genius and it’s his model Tim Cook and Apple will use until the end of time,

Ok, here is how I think they do it… keep releasing 1 feature at a time; panorama this year, 12MP camera next year…  and at this rate we probably will not see PureView-like technology on iPhones for another 10yrs and I bet you when they do unveil theirs it is going to be “revolutionary” “first of its kind” “innovative” ARGH!!


here is what’s coming on the iPhone5:

  • The iPhone 5 now has panorama mode, wow! just wow! gripping stuff, never before seen! I bet you, this will really make other phones look mediocre now.
  • It’s 7.6mm thick, making it the thinnest phone, I remember when the Nokia C7 came out 2 years ago, it’s thin, at 10mm wasn’t a big deal then, but 7.6mm, HELL YEAH! [email protected]#$KING AWESOME!
  • They now have a new charging port with 1 million adapters, uh.. we have wireless charging! HELLO!
  • Still a single core processor, we have quad core on android phones, just FYI.



My point is, the iPhone 5 doesn’t bring any new innovation to the smartphone industry, yet it just seems to gain the attention of everyone, including me, as much as I hate it, I have no choice, that’s what happens when you live and work in Silicon Valley. it’s inevitable.





Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignorehttp://www.OneTechStop.net
Lenny Bonsignore @LennyBons34 is Owner/Editor- in -Chief of OneTechStop, Sports fan, Tech guy, & Mailman by Day [email protected]

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  1. A good friend sent me a link to your psot. You are pathetic – get a life or a job with Nokia. Here’s an idea, since you love the Nokia phone so much, go buy a million, help Nokia improve market share and give the handsets to your friends. Wait a second you’re pathetic and have no friends.

    • When you get your iphon5 and I get my Lumia 920, let’s swap phones for a week.. ok for a day. then give me your unbiased thoughts about it and I will give you mine. fair enough?

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