Survey Says! 61% of consumers intrigued by the new Lumia 920/820 #switchtolumia

Have you heard? more than 50% of smartphone users are interested in the Lumia 920. surveyed over 2,000 Americans to get their take on the newly announced Nokia 920 and here are the numbers…

52% of them say they are NOT switching to Lumia, while 35% say they would consider switching and the remaining 13% say YES, as long as the price is right. So that’s 48% who will will likely switch to Lumia based on different factors.

Let’s just hope the enthusiasm displayed during the survey lasts till November.

The main reason why they would switch? Well, 61% of the users say it’s the Super sensitive touch display on the phone, that allows you to use it while wearing gloves, or with your keys, and given the holiday season is fast approaching, with winter coming along, it’s a must have feature to have, for that moment when you realize you don’t have to take off your gloves to make or answer a phone call!

The second most sort after feature is the PureView camera, how it handles photos in low light situations and photo/video stabilization.

Other features admired were the offline maps, wireless charging with dock, CBD (ability to use phone under direct sunlight), your option of any color you want and the PureMotion HD+ display which Nokia touts is better than HD display.

All in all, it seems majority of smartphone users are impressed with the features that are coming to the new Lumia, but is it enough for them to betray their brands (iPhone/Android) and make that switch?

I guess, we will know soon enough. But one thing is for sure, Nokia will have to step up its marketing campaign this Christmas season and put more emphasis on the innovative features (wireless charging, PureView, super sensitive touch) that cannot be found on any other smartphone today.






Source: PCMag






Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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