Photo: So is this Verizon’s Nokia Lumia 822?


According to Engadget who were tipped with this image showing a Nokia Lumia 822 (presumably a variant of the Lumia 820).


The image gotten from Verizon’s Device Management System shows a white and grey Lumia 822.


So it is safe to say this will be some type of variant to the Lumia 820.

My question now is, looking at the leaked image below…


Is this the Lumia 822?


If you remember this Nokia Lumia leaked a week before the Nokia Event yesterday and as it turns out, it is obviously not the Lumia 820 (different camera orientation), but it does have the same form factor.

So is this the Verizon Lumia 822? It is possible.

OEMs have been know to make variants of the same device, (Samsung does it, HTC, Motorola and LG also do the same thing), so maybe Nokia too has been making slight variations of their phones, especially since they are striking new deals with carriers now, you wouldn’t want to them the exact same phone now would you?


If this is the Lumia 822, my source still tells me it is getting a first week of November release (Nov. 2nd), along At&t’s own Lumia phones.

While this feels like an eternity to wait for, let’s remember that making Carrier specific phones takes longer than making international versions, because for one thing, the OS has to be built to carrier’s specifications/build, and as you know this will require more testing than if you were just making an international unlocked phone.

So I wouldn’t be surprised if we get to see international unlocked versions of the Lumia 820/920 go on sale sooner (maybe a month earlier) than carrier models.


Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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