Video Interview with Nokia CEO, S.Elop on WP8 Launch!



Ever since Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore announced the Windows Phone 8 platform a few months ago, all we saw was the new Start-Screen and nothing else. We did were informed of all the new features coming but we never got to see them first hands except in presentations and that just doesn’t cut it.

It led many to believe that maybe Windows Phone 8 was far from ready.

Samsung launched its Ativ S WP8 phone last week at IFA in Berlin, it was the first WP8 phone officially launched but it didn’t quite make a buzz for one main reason, we were not allowed to see what’s inside.

Samsung only showed off its physical appearance and form factor, and if you know Samsung, then you know their hardware has never been something to mull over.

Today (in less than 6hours) Nokia will not only unveiled its new line of Lumia Phones, they will alsoshow us for the FIRST time, the WP8 platform in all its glory, not just the start-screen, but the menu, the features and everything we have been trying to piece together from the leaked WP8 SDK.

Here is Stephen Elop in a recent interview with Walls Street Journal WSJ.

Pretty confident Guy, I wonder why he is so confident?

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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