Samsung Says Obey! Strands Blogger, Nokia Saves the Day

First lets start off with a some facts: Fact one: Tech Bloggers we aren’t exactly doing these posts for money. Most of us aren’t making a boat load of cash off of these post we do it because well..we are huge phone geeks and we love to keep up on it and share with others. Fact two: Most of the time if you read that one of us is a major event like IFA normally a company paid for said trip. I am guessing in hopes that you will have something nice to say about whatever products they are showing off there.

I personally have never been taken to an event by a company with an ultimatum of ANY sort.  Which made this story so hard to believe…In fact if I didn’t know the writer personally I probably would not have believed it.  Even after reading about it on some reputable sites I site had to verify it personally with him.

Enough of the back story here’s a short version of what happened:

Samsung decided to fly a group of bloggers (Including Clinton Jeff of Unleash the Phones) to IFA  in Berlin Via their Mobilers program in India.  When Samsung sent the invites out they ask if the writers were coming as a attend as “a reporter or as a promoter” He stated that he will be there as a REPORTER.

Samsung’s ideas for him was completely different than fact

“As soon as we stepped in [to the hotel], there was a Samsung Mobilers booth waiting for us. They gave us our key, a Samsung shirt that we’d have to wear for “orientation” the next morning, and we’d have to be down in five minutes to go for the uniform fitting.” – Clinton Jeff

The next morning he had to go downstairs for his 8 AM session was for “orientation”.  Than they were told by Samsung that

“have to be in uniform, in the Samsung booths, every day. Showing the products to members of the press.”

He than told them no and that he agreed to come as a reporter again so Samsung’s next action?

“We got a call from Samsung India saying ‘You can either be a part of this and wear the uniform, or you’ll have to get your own tickets back home and handle your hotel stay from the moment this call ends…

A few minutes later, we got a call from the Samsung India guy who said that our flights on the 6th have been cancelled, and that they’re bringing us back on the 1st instead. But this is only if, and only if, we agreed to wear atleast the samsung branded shirt at the unpacked event, and not blog about any of this incident.

None of this should leave Berlin. Or Reach India” – Clinton Jeff

Way to stay classy Samsung! So now Samsung had trapped him halfway around the world unless he became their shill. So in hopes of “earning his flight home” he had to wear the Samsung shirt and be Samsung’s slave for the event. That is until….

Nokia stepped in and saved the day!  Unsure how Nokia found out about his quandary but he tweeted this:

So there you have it he is still covering the event and will have away home thanks to Nokia!  Hmmm…he didn’t even ask for help and Nokia bailed him out! Having dealt with  Nokia on many levels (as a writer and a customer) I know Nokia will wants NOTHING in return.

There you have it Samsung is officially dead to me as a company and I will NEVER BUY another one of their products again.  Hope it was worth it Samsung not only does Apple OWN YOU but you will never get positive coverage from the tech writers again.

Thanks to TMW for getting this story big coverage and My Nokia Blog tweet pics


Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore @LennyBons34 is Owner/Editor- in -Chief of OneTechStop, Sports fan, Tech guy, & Mailman by Day [email protected]

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  1. It’s a pretty common practice for companies to offer to pay the travel cost for members of the media to attend their events. Usually, it’s to niche events held in far-off locations that would be difficult to get more than the most lucrative of mainstream media publications to attend.

    …what Samsung apparently did upon check-in, is certainly not a common practice.

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