Nokia Connects now roommates with Nokia Conversations!


Nokia’s got two official blogs: Nokia Conversations and Nokia Connects, and for a while they seemed to serve different purposes. Nokia Conversation was more on the latest news around Nokia, while Nokia connects focused more on connecting with the Nokian community.


Well starting yesterday, Nokia connects has moved in with Nokia Conversations. They are now all one BIG Nokia Blog, sorry I meant one BIG House!


Here’s a snippet from the moevment…


Nokia Connects and Conversations by Nokia will become one. So, instead of reading about Nokia on two separate blogs, you will have one place to get up to speed with goings-on at Nokia and learn about all the cool experiments and projects our community are working on.


So, what’s changing? For a start, we will be focusing more on recording, sharing and celebrating the amazing things that our community (you guys!) get up to. In particular, the trial programme will become bigger and better: with twice the number of trials, and hopefully twice the number of amazing experiences, photos, videos and reviews.


Both blogs have been major Nokia assets to the community and seeing them merge like this shows a sign of bigger things to come.




I would have preferred Nokia conversations moving in with Nokia connects, rather than the other way around, I always fancied the name “Nokia Connects” especially since Nokia’s connecting people!



You can check out the Brand new Nokia Conversations

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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