Zynga’s popular “draw Something” coming to Nokia’s S40 Asha Devices!

Nokia announced that they have are working with popular game provider Zynga in bringing hit games: Words with Friends and Draw Something to Lumia Phones, this fall.

While we are still waiting for this on our Lumia’s.


Nokia just put out another statement that they will be bringing Draw Something and Poker games to their S40 platform Asha Series Phones.



While this is good news, I personally don’t think this is a big deal, why? well, Zynga’s games are most popular in the US, especially “Draw Something” and “Words with Friends”, and guess what Asha phones aren’t being sold in the US.


Zynga’s Poker


Also, most of Zynga’s games require some form of internet connection, and since Asha phones are mainly in developing countries, where data connection fees are at a premium or are not just available, I really don’t see the benefits here.


Overall, it’s a good step Nokia has taken, Nokia has shown it is willing to partner with App providers to boost its platform and the platform of its partner (Microsoft).


One has to wonder, if Nokia didn’t single-handedly broker this deal with Zynga, would we ever see their popular games on the windows phone platform?


Read Nokia’s press statement about Zynga games for Asha Devices


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