Nokia’s “The Expendables”





Thank God It’s Friday, so I decided to share a nice funny creative pic with you guys, courtesy of 9GAG.


As you know the adrenaline filled, testosterone induced, action packed flick: The Expendables is in theatres today. The sequel to the hit from 2 years ago, features action movie stars/legends (old and new) who come together to kick some major @$$. Action Legends



If Nokia ever made an Expendables movie, featuring its legends, here is what I think it would look like…


My Nokia’s The Expendables Cast members:


Nokia 3310 played by Chuck Norris


Nokia 6310i played by Bruce Willis


Nokia 7650 played by Sylvester Stallone


Nokia 7110 played by Jean Claude Van Damme


Nokia N-Gage played by Dolph Lundgren


Nokia 6600 played by Arnold Schwarzenegger


Nokia 5800 played by Jason Statham


Nokia 1100 played by Jet Li


Nokia 3250 played by Terry Crews


Nokia 5210 played by Randy Couture


Nokia Lumia 800 played by Liam Hemsworth

So what’s your Nokia Expendable Cast going to look like?

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Source: 9GAG