“picture password” lock screen coming to windows phone 8 devices?

After the leaked document showing a detailed list of features coming to WP8, one in particular caught my eye, it was the “new Lock Screen” feature, a feature that according to the leaked document will be on WP8 devices, but Nokia hasn’t decided yet if it will also be included in the WP7.8 update coming to existing WP7 phones.


new lock screen?



So what is this new lock screen? is it the lock screen like the one leaked by phone arena a while ago?


new lockscreen?

No wait, that can’t be it, that looks more like a login screen than a lock screen. So maybe it’s something else?


I’m guessing it is the “picture password” lock screen that is already available on windows 8, this is a new lock screen system where you use a picture and draw a pre-defined pattern to unlock the device (check out the video demo).

Whatever this new lock screen is, let’s hope it beats android’s maze lock and iphone’s slide to unlock!

But it does sound logical if Microsoft is also going to introduce the picture password on WP8!


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  1. I heard that new Nokia will be without front camera. I think without frontcamera it will let useless with some programs like Skype ect ECT. For me these programs like skype or similar to it are the tendencies for new smartphone generation

  2. And here I am not using any lock password or face unlock etc on Android. Nothing to hide on my phone, everything available for all to see 😛

    •  you will have to start locking your wp8 phone, especially since you can configure “wallet” feature and nfc with your credit card/payment info 😛

      • Then good thing we don’t have NFC in use at all here in India, haha. I’m still deciding whether to get a WP8 device though. Depends on what kind of multitasking it has (hopefully the real one as in the other rumor, preferably like Symbian). 😐

      • Let’s hope that becomes a reality. No official announcements yet, are there? Currently MS is only saying it will have it like iOS, where some apps like navigation apps are allowed to run. Fingers crossed. 

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