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Jolla caused quite a scene when it was announced that fateful Saturday but there still seems to be some mystery surrounding this company. I am hoping to clear some of that mystery up today with the help of new site called Following Jolla.(An unofficial blog about Jolla, the new champions of Meego)
As a first article they did a great post about Jolla Basics and while I will make you read the entire post yourself if you want to know more I will put the super basics right here.

So, what IS Jolla?

Jolla (sometimes referred to as Jolla Mobile) is a new, independent company formed by the core team that created the Nokia N9 smartphone using the Meego operating system. They intend to sell smartphones based on the Meego platform.

They’re based in Finland, but they have an international team and will work with an international development community.

Is Jolla owned by Nokia?

No, it’s an independent and totally separate company with its own investors, its own workforce and its own distribution deals.

However, the people who founded it used to work for Nokia until very recently, and Jolla is also based in Finland, so there are obviously some very significant historical links.

Did Nokia give Jolla their patents covering Meego?

As far as we are aware, no. Meego is an open source operating system, so in theory anyone can make a Meego-based phone without asking permission or paying royalties.

The actual situation is slightly more complicated, the Nokia N9 smartphone also contained some non-open elements which Nokia still controls, and Jolla has had to create their own substitutes for these (the so-called “special sauce”).

When do we get to see the first Jolla smartphone(s)?

According to their twitter feed, they will unveil the first model(s) later in 2012. The actual release date has not been announced though.

Does Jolla have a website?

Not yet. However, they do have an extremely active and responsive Twitter channel, a Linkedin page and a placeholder Facebook page.

Is Jolla going to put out an official Logo soon for tech writers to use?

Ok this last one is coming from me to Jolla…Seriously guys the best I can find is your name that is pixilated how about some help here?

If you want to read the rest if the Q+A it can be found here.

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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