Nokia closes QT office in Australia, plans to sell QT?



According to sources from Arstechnica, Nokia has shut down its QT offices in Australia, laying off its QT developers 🙁

According to an article posted moments ago, Nokia is also planning on selling its QT toolkit once its QT 5.0 is released, the 5.0 version was supposed to be released in June, but got delayed due to additional polishing.

A Nokia QT Developer, who was part of the QT team in Austraila posted a message in a QT community thread saying he will continuing working on the toolkit, while seeking employment elsewhere.

Another Nokia source, on the QT community thread also confirms Nokia is indeed looking to sell its QT Assets, giving the rights to the toolkit to the highest bidder.

This is still a rumor, though it is not hard to believe, Nokia already sold its Symbian development to software company Accenture and most recently they got rid of MeeGo (most promising platform it had),

Before Elop, Nokia acquired Qt from trollTech (a norwegian software company) and planned for Qt to be the framework for all its future mobile platform. And it looked promising, Nokia was supposed to use it in its Meltemi development. Well, meltemi got scrapped over a month ago, so the rest is history

Nokia CEO, S.Elop  came with a strategy, to build a partnership between Nokia and Microsoft’s Windows Phone, and focus on joining Nokia’s decent hardware with a fast maturing Mobile platform, at the expense of other Nokia projects (which have all been decommisioned, except S40 and Symbian^3… for now) I hope this strategy works out perfectly.
If it doesn’t? then all those jobs lost, offices shut down and factories closed would have been for nothing.
You can read more about this article: Nokia’s plan to sell QT from Arstechnica

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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  1. i could not understand nokia. Belle work fine for me and i think it was the wrong decision to go to the windows phone. I dont like windows and android on my phone so the best alternative is now on the way to R.I.P.

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