iPhone user’s First Impressions on Windows and Nokia Part 1: Hardware

First and foremost, I’d like to introduce myself. I’ve been a long time smartphone fanatic and have contributed to discussions on various forums in the mobile space. This will be my first foray into blogging and giving my general thoughts on everything mobile and more specifically everything NOKIA, so please be kind 🙂

I know that comparisons between the iPhone and Lumia have already been done in the past.  However, I’m a long time iPhone user and after having abandoned Symbian a few years ago, the Lumia and Windows Phone 7 are new to me.  I will do a short general comparison in 2 parts.  The hardware and software difference between these  2 phones and platforms.

To start off, I’d like to thank AT&T for sending me a black Lumia 900 test unit.  As a past Nokia and Symbian supporter, I find myself in unfamiliar territory when discussing Nokia and Windows.  I have always appreciated Nokia’s design philosophy and build quality (on most Nokia phones).  The Lumia 900 is no exception.  From first handling the device out of the box, one can appreciate the feel of the matte black test unit I received. Everything feels very solid.  The only exception are the side buttons and especially the camera button.  They do rattle a little, but not a deal breaker.  Comparing the iPhone and Lumia 900 side by side, you instantly see the 2 different design languages.  While Apple has always worked with an industrial design aesthetic, the Lumia 900 is your more traditional Scandinavian minimalistic contemporary design.  Looking around the phone, you see the minimalistic aspects of the phone.  Nothing protrudes out of the Lumia with everything neatly tucked away and the phone looks like one big black piece of slab. Both phones look fantastic and really comes down to a personal choice.

Picking up the Lumia, the phone instantly molds to your hands.  The round edges makes it nice to hold compared to the squared off edges of the iPhone.  The iPhone being glass is a little more slippery than the Lumia.  Both feel about the same weight, and while the Nokia is larger by size it does not feel all that big in my hands.  When the iPhone first came out, people complained that you could not swap out batteries on the iPhone, but it seems most have adopted this philosophy.   Having no battery cover like on my old Nokia phones, definitely makes the Lumia feel very solid, as there’s no moving parts so nothing squeaks or cracks while handling the phone.

If I have one gripe with my iPhone it would be that compared to modern day smartphones the screen size is a little on the small side.  With the Lumia having a 4.3 inch screen, it really is nice to have so much screen real-estate to work with.  Although on paper the iPhone has the better screen, I did not have any problems with the colors or pixels density on the Lumia.  The colors are vibrant and the screen size makes looking at media a treat.

So there you have it.  My short look at the hardware of iPhone compared with the Nokia Lumia.  First impressions are very good.  Yes…yes, the Lumia 900 is a carryover of design from the Nokia N9 and Lumia 800, but it still feels new, fresh, and very modern.  I’ve always been a fan of Nokia designs and having the Lumia sitting next to my iPhone, I could not help to think what the fellows from Cupertino can learn about design from the boys at Espoo.  The Lumia 900 is a very classy device indeed.

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