(Video Demo) Nokia N9 swipe unlock feature demoed on the Nokia 808 PureView



One of my favourite features from the Nokia N9 is the swipe to unlock feature, and there is an app to emulate that feature on Symbian devices, it’s called SwipeUnlock and I demoed it on my Nokia N8 a while back when it was still in its infant stage, well, it isn’t a baby anymore,




Now the SwipeUnlock app has been updated and brings with it more exciting new features to make your Symbian device more MeeGo-like.

It now comes with the shortcut apps, notifications and more. It is pretty amazing, this app from developed by Alexander Fokin, he also developed a bunch of nice QT apps like quickBT, quickLang and one of my faves musicstop (it uses a meego style format too)


The SwipeUnlock App is available from the the Nokia store and it costs $1.99. Get it