Exclusive Interview with Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop; talks difficult transition, PureView, M$/Nokia Partnership and more



In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop talks about Nokia’s innovation (specifically the pureview technology), their partnership with Microsoft, how they depend on each other, and Nokia’s difficult transition period.

Many have criticized S.Elop since the Burning Platform memo, but to be fair that memo was never supposed to be leaked, and as a result Nokia’s transition has been really really difficult and most times depressing, with their stock value dropping fast like rain drops from the Amazon Jungles! But it looks like things are easing now, Lumia sales have been doubling since it first debuted back in Nov. 2011; Q4 2011 sold 1 Million, Q1 2012 sold 2 Million and Q2 sold 4 Million, so we should expect 8 Million Lumias sold by the end of the Q3? highly unlikely, but only if a WP8 device is released earlier! like right now!


My only criticism of Elop is his decision to put all eggs in one basket: Windows Phone. But let’s hope I am wrong and WP8 is all we dreamed of, if not, we are screwed!

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