White Nokia 808 vs. Glossy White Nokia Lumia 900

Here a look at what you get when you peat Nokia Flagship Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumia 900 against the Flagship Symbian Phone, the Nokia 808 PureView.

Let’s get ready to RUMBLEEE!!

In the Left corner, wearing glossy white, weighing in at 160g with a 4.3inch display, LTE capability and a 1.4GHz scorpion snapdragon processor…. The Nokia Lumia 900.

In the right corner, wearing white matte, weighing in at a hefty 170g, with a slim 4inch screen display, a 1.3 GHz ARM11 processor, the undisputed champion of all camera phones, with 808 knockouts, no defeats, the Nokia 808 PureView!!!


Comparison table between Nokia 808 and Lumia 900


Symbian^3 OS

Windows Phone 7.5



4inch screen

4.3inch screen

1.3 ARM11 CPU

1.4 Scorpion Snapdragon CPU

MicroSD expandable memory

No MicroSD support

White matte, removable back cover

White glossy unibody

41MP PureView camera

8MP camera

11h TalkTime (Battery Life)

7h TalkTime (Battery Life)


While the Nokia 808 sets the stage for upcoming PureView windows phones, it is currently the BEST camera phone in the market and the Lumia 900 doesn’t stand a chance against this beast.

The only advantage the Lumia has is its OS ecosystem, one that is getting a lot of attention, more than its Symbian counterpart, thought in my opinion Symbian is better (in features) than the WP7.5, this will change when WP8 comes out.


So who is the winner here? It’s purely the Nokia 808 PureView!



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