Nokia is Numero Uno for Indoor Mapping!


Nokia has prided itself in its outside mapping system, it no doubt they are #1 when it comes to Offline turn-by-turn navigation, and map services, so much so that even Microsoft adopted their map service as the number 1 map provided on all its upcoming windows phone 8 phones.


Now, Nokia isnt stopping there, they are set to release their indoor mapping system, one that will bring walk navigation to more than 214 malls in the US and thousands of other locations across the globe.


Soon you will be able to walk into a mall and search for sneakers (for example) and you would be able to get the location of the store that has this and walk navigation to that store.


There’s an app called Fastmall that already has something similar, but its only has mall data. Nokia’s indoor mapping will offer indoor navigation on not just malls but thousands of other venues.





Source: Nokia Conversation

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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  1. it’s simply awsome i can not disclose all but back in 2007 when i was in university i had a small project exposure with a company and really the ideas if implemented are nothing less than a sci fi… its great Elop is pushing innovations out faster than before i wish nokia to win win and win and they need such tech to be cool again…

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