Nokia’s Richard Kerris Interviewed Mentions Sprint, Verizon Pure View & More


Nokia’s Richard Kerris was Interviewed by Neowin he is the Vp of WorldWide Developers Relations. He spoke about some very encouraging things, & I will bullet point a few here.

– Verizon & Sprint wont be long

– Pure View Technology coming very soon to Windows Phones

– Current Lumia devices not dead with 7.8 & other enhancements coming

– This spring customers will be climbing over each other to get Lumia devices

-Carriers will offer attractive upgrade options to those Upgrading to Wp8 from WP7 He believes.

– Kerri believes Nokia will innovate out of its situation & change will continue this fall with new products.

To see the full Interview please click Here.

So tell us what are your thoughts, and are you more encouraged to get a WP7 device.

Source: Neowin Via:WP7 connect