Blackberry to adopt windows phone 8 now? [update] RIM denies reports, Not True!!!


With all the momentum on Microsoft’s side, with its upcoming Windows 8 desktop OS and its upcoming Windwos Phone 8 mobile OS and Microsoft’s share valure rises everyday. Its not surprising that struggling mobile giant Blackberry would want to jump on the bandwagon.


Reuters is reporting that Blackberry is looking to dump its BB10 OS for WIndows Phone 8, if this turns out to be true then WOW!


The BB10 OS is not yet out and Blackberry is already dumping it? sound familiar? Meltemi? MeeGo? Nokia? No wonder these 2 companies are in the same predicament! Cannot seem to make up their minds. HA!


At least Nokia has a head start and were the first to get on the highly potential Windows ecosystem bandwagon (and they did at a time when no one else gave Windows Phone a chance).


If this rumor is true, then I guess it’s never too late to the party for the struggling RIM

IMHO, I wouldn’t believe this reuter’s report until RIM’s CEO comes out and calls Blackberry’s OS, a burning platform!




Source: Reuters




RIM has denied the report that it will be adopting the Windows Phone 8 OS for its upcoming devices


Here’s what their CEO, T.Heins had to say…


“We came to the decision that joining the family of the Android players, for example, would not fit RIM’s strategy and its customers,” he said. “We are not trying to be one of many. We’re trying to be different. We’re trying to be the best solution for our customers that buy a BlackBerry, know why they want a BlackBerry. And we’re aiming for nothing less than being a viable, successful, mobile computing platform of the future. This is what we’re aiming at. And I think that’s the difference. If you compare us with others, did we take the hard road? Absolutely. Absolutely. But having done this and building and completing this new mobile computing platform that then expresses itself as a smartphone or as a tablet or as a vertical application or embedded in cars, whatever you want to do, that is where we will take BlackBerry. And this is – that’s why it was absolutely required and necessary to build its own platform. I would argue the other way around. If I continue to rely on somebody else’s OS and somebody else’s platform, would that allow me in the long run to really differentiate towards my customers and provide them the services and the environment that they request from me and that they would like to have? I have a big question mark around this. So I think going this way and building the platform we are building has the absolute intent to serve our customers and our markets better than on a standard-based OS and platform.”


Apparently, Windows Phone 8 is a standard based OS/Platform.

We will see where this decision takes them at the end of the year!


Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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