You Got a Penny? You Have a Nokia Lumia 900! Part 2 (Its back!!)

Couple of months ago our very own Kevin Everett shared us a very good news on how to acquire the Nokia Lumia 900 for a Penny. That’s right!! $0.01. Back then the only color they offer was the Black and Cyan.

Yesterday I scooped a  news from Mark Guim over @TheNokiaBlog


That’s Right!! Its back.. You can get yourself a Nokia Lumia 900 for a Penny. Also they have added another color, you can choose between the Cyan, Black or the new White color Lumia 900 which I currently have and prefer.

Fine Print: Acquiring a Nokia Lumia 900 for $0.01 is subject to 2yrs contract with AT&T or an Upgrade Eligibility.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to by clicking here and grab yourself your very own Nokia Lumia 900.

Wait.. What? Why should you get a Lumia 900 if Microsoft just announced Windows Phone 8 and to make matters worst. The Lumia 900 on Windows Phone 7 Mango OS will not be upgradable to the Windows Phone 8 Apollo OS.

So Why should this phone still be a good buy? HELLO!! For the price alone its still worth it.. Windows Phone 7 Mango is still a decent competitive OS with 100, 000 apps on Microsoft Marketplace, also you’re getting an LTE device. Heck.. The Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X International versions might have QuadCore processors but they lack the super fast LTE data.

Also.. Microsoft will not be leaving WP7 Mango in the dust. Before WP8 devices to start coming out. Microsoft has announced Windows Phone 7.8 OS. To read more about it Click Here.

So the bottom line is YES.. It is safe to recommend the Nokia Lumia 900.



via The Nokia Blog


Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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