Looking To Find Software Updates for Nokia phones, Look No More


Need to know when the next update is for you Lumia device, or how to upgrade your current Nokia devices, Nokia Global Support has you covered, from Lumia phones, to Nokia Belle to s40 or s60(non Belle) devices, The software update page tells you how to update each device, offers you to contact them, or search discussion forums for any Questions or concerns you might have with your device.

I know some of you might know this already & I am sure plenty others don’t , so that’s why I am posting it. Another cool thing i saw with the Lumia devices is that it also shows you the availability of the software updates for Lumia devices. We know the Lumia 710 & 800 is waiting on a tango update and this is what the page shows.

Just remember if you need to update your device or need to find out when, check out Nokia Global Support.